Festival dan Lomba Seni Siswa Nasional (National Student Art Festival and Competition) shows Indonesia’s real love for art and acronyms. This yearly event held by the Ministry of Education and its division Center for National Achievement (Pusat Prestasi Nasional) is probably the biggest art event for students in Indonesia. Students from primary level up to high school and school for students with special needs can participate in the festival in many categories, such as Vocal, Pantomime, Guitar, Traditional Music, Painting, and probably even ten more categories to choose from. The juries judged more than 2000 participants during the event which was held online this year due to the pandemic situation. Each province has to send one group of each category to represent and compete in the event. 

Guitar Duet Winner from Purworejo, Central Java

Indonesia’s Future in the Art World

Kids growing up in Indonesia encounter music and art everyday; be it from the neighbors who turn the volume far too loud or from the constantly changing murals on the wall. FLS2N shows hope that young Indonesians, who are still growing up, will not be far detached from the art and its many ways of expressing it. Impressively, young students have already managed and found ways to make art through the digital medium which proves how we are keeping up with the technological demands of the world. Yet, the most important thing is still the art itself and young Indonesians will hopefully continue doing art in their own way without losing their unique touch, concerning today’s many distractions that may come from their own mobile screen. 

Team of Juries

For the last two years, this event took place online due the pandemic. We do hope this event will take place offline next year where the children alongside the juries can have a good exchange with a good cup of coffee once again.



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